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Juma Joseph.Young founder and CEO of TronLite

Juma Joseph

My Name is Juma Joseph The foundation and young CEO of TronLite organization of technology.Am 16 years old and I have experienced many online staff .Personal am a Programmer,Web Developer,Internet Entreprenuer,Computer Engineer also an It Specialist.In Another way an affiliator,Influencer,Advertiser and Online Marketor.You can co-operate with me By Clicking Here Or Email Me For More Information


Idea to develop tronlite came from the previous organization which had fallen down due fincial support and fans it was previous called Royal Online Lab (ROL).It was under CO-Ownership.From there i personal decided to start other way to make money online so as i can continue with my normal routine.So i a Youtube Channel Called HiddenSploit (Click To Visit)  in which until now it is still running from there i developed it website called www.hiddensploit.tk

From there i also decided to become an affiliator in which i decided to enstablish EzenMarket (www.ezenmarket.tk) meaning Eastern Zenith Market   WWhich deals with selling affiliate products for commision.We work as an affiliator to Amazon and Ebay.In case if anyone want to work with me Please Email US  From There i Started a Hosting website,Digital Affiliating,Multimedia Site also called VimPlay.All may website i had it was hard to manage all of them incase of advertising and supplying links so i decided to make an Organization in which will have all Other Sub Branch.This Was The Begning of TronLite(www.tronlite.epizy.com) Meanig Robotic Technology Like With The Motor "Technology of Tommorow As Fast As Cheetah"  In which I became A New Founder and Young C.E.O Of TronLite Organization After The fall Of Royal Online Lab (ROL). Feel Free To Buy ME A Cup Of Coffee. Thank You so much