Juma Joseph



Am Juma Joseph the CEO and founder of TronLite Organization. I have being working with the coding life for almost Four years i have being working on different projects for all over these years and Introduction of TronLite is among my big source of view.

Programmer & Web Developer.

I am specialized mostly in Programming and Web Development i have being interested in this skills cause am capable of using them to develop other different projects:-

  • Birthday: 03 April 2004
  • Website: www.tronlite.ml
  • Phone: +255621046725
  • City: Musoma, Tanzania

I interested in programming and Web development so much as i can design, Develop and program different website and Apps. We are inviting you to our Freelancing page so that you can assign for me any task and am assure that it will be done as soon as possible. Thanks to those who have been supporting TronLite am so thankful for your support


I have being working in different project and trying our best to learn new things as possible so as the i can develp new project with my coding experience am sure that i can handle different objection that my encounter on going and coming projects.

Happy Clients Enjoy and feel our project

Projects developed projects

Hours Of Support get us in every 24/7

Hard Workers Objectives and support


Am proficient and skilled with the following skills in my coding carieer. personal i can code in the programing language listed below. Feel free to ask me anything in this programming language below an give me any freelancing work and i can do it for you feel free and safe to give me your project

HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 75%
PHP 80%
Ruby 85%


Below are the services that are provided and given by me and TronLite in general. Given services are the one which are making Tronlite to be more colourfull and i would love if you can use our services


TronLite we are providing trainig for everyone who wishes to be professional in programming and coding of different programs, websites and real time systems


TronLite Become part of my life and am deeply in love with Free lacing work am a freelance i can make for you website , Apps, Web Apps

Online Business

TronLite has improved so much his perfomance hence providing free teaching on how to setup your online business by providing your with most strong suggestions


Please feel free to inform us in case of an problem and any cooperation with us.




+255 6210 46725

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