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10 Best Places to sell eBooks and Earn Good passive income

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What is an E-book?

An E-book is an electronic book that one can publish in electronic form, such that you can assess through electronic devices.

An e-book can be a fiction or non-fiction book depending on what one wants to write. After writing your e-book, you can sell it on various online platforms.
The Following are the ten best places to sell ebooks online.

1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
As you know, Amazon is the most popular online marketplace where one can buy or sell various goods. Amazon as well allows one to sell E-books and you can earn 35-70% of the total price depending on your location.
All you have to do is to open your online store with Amazon, publish your e-book and sell it.

2. Payhip.com
Payhip.com is an E-commerce that allows the selling of E-books. They let one open an online store for free and also provide them with tools that facilitate selling like share buttons, discount buttons, flexible pricing options, the affiliate program that enhances others to sell your E-book and pay them by commissions.
Payhip.com only takes 5% of your sale.

Blurb is a self-publishing website that provides tools to create, promote, and sell your E-book. The bright side of using Blurb is that you have an option to sell your e-book on their platform or Amazon, Apple iBook stores, Barnes & Noble platform.
Blurb takes only 20% per sale.

4. Lulu
Lulu is another place to sell your eBook. Lulu provides guidelines on how to create a perfect EBook. Also, they give personal assistance services on creating E-book on your behalf at a low cost.
Lulu help reach millions of readers since you can sell it to different publishers and only takes 10% of the sales price.

5. Feiyr
Another place to sell your E-book is Feiyr. Feiyr offers promotional services for E-book and music in 165 different online stores, and they charge a one-time fee. After paying that fee, you will be allowed to start publishing whereby you will getting 90% of the sales price.

6. Book baby.
Book baby is another platform where one can earn e-book revenue. Though Book baby is quite expensive, they offer excellent services. Book baby charges $149 to handle everything from writing your E-book, formatting, designing, publishing, distributing, and selling.
The bright side of Book baby is that you get 100% of the sales.

7. E-Junkie

This website is another platform that offers excellent services though you have to pay monthly fixed charges. E-junkie allows one to host her E-book and use the available tools. All you have to do is to create a sales page, use their tools, and after that E-junkie does all the best to sell it on your behalf.

8. Seiz

Seiz is another website that provides authors with complete E-commerce solutions with amazing features to enhance them sell their e-books. There is no fixed monthly fee nor hosting fee. You only pay Seiz 2% per transaction when you sell.

9. Google Play
Google Play is another place you can use to make money by selling your e-book. All you have to do is to sign up, upload your file, set a price, and start marketing or promoting it.

10. Fiverr
As I mentioned earlier on, you can hire someone to write your e-book, Fiverr is the best online marketplace where you can do so. By that we can see Fiverr is the best place one can make a lot of money by writing EBooks for others.
So create a Fiverr account and start selling your skill by writing e-books.

Having the information above, you can able to earn from your E-books. So take action today and commit yourself.
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